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Crew Unlimited

Crew Unlimited, established in 1983 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, has become known as one of the top yacht crew placement agencies in the world.



Finding yacht jobs and travel jobs on luxury charter yachts, private yachts, and estates, in popular cruising areas such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Bahamas, the US North East, for Captains, Chefs, Mates, Engineers, Steward(esse)s, and Deckhands, all around the world, is our expertise! And although technology has greatly increased our efficiency over the past few years, we are NOT a web-based business.
We are a people based business, with real Placement Coordinators, whoINTERVIEW, who LISTEN, and who SCREEN.

Whether for a motor yacht or a sailing yacht, megayacht or superyacht, temporary or permanent, casual or formal, employment on luxury yachts requires the assistance of true professionals. We can help you with that!