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Taste of Tequila

Learn, Explore and Share - All about Tequila!
Join our Experiential Social Community where you can find Professional and "Rabble" Ratings of over 700 tequilas, as well as where to purchase, where to drink, where to learn about recipes and more.



We call this “experiential” because we want your input on restaurants, bars, stores, brands, events, tastings and tours. If there is something to share in regards to Tequila, we want it shared here, for one and all!
It is our intention, to give every consumer (newby to pro) an opportunity to learn more about Tequila and share their opinion/voice about the thousands of Tequilas currently available to the world from Mexico. You will be able to see the expert’s opinions and soon our opinions as well; yours and mine, the rest of the folks in the restaurants, bars and stores.