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This Radical New AI Lead Gen System

Gives You Access to Red Hot

"Ready to Buy" Customers…


 Imagine being able to find leads in every niche, on demand, for your business or any client 

There are Millions of "Ready to Buy" Customers Looking for Every Possible Service on the Internet - 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week.


How would you like to Own and Control a process that taps into those prospects on demand?

  •  Bring All The Customers You Want Right to Your Doorstep
  • Become the Provider of Choice to Solve Their Problems
  • Leave Your Competitors in the Dust Because You Arrive First and Look Right Into Their Minds!  

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Your success truly has no limits

Here's How It Works...

Pay Attention Here.

This is a Game Changer

GoMobile Instant Leads OnDemand uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor search traffic across the entire internet.


Its goal is to identify high intent buyers based on their search behaviors. Once it spots someone searching for one of your chosen keyword phrases, it alerts the AI. 

Then the AI goes to work…


The AI follows them to see what they do next. Once they consume two pieces of relevant content, our proprietary AI system flags them as a high buyer intent lead.

Next, we match them up with a big data source to ensure that they have opted in their contact information to receive internet communications from advertising partners. If they have, then we grab their contact information along with the keyword they were interested in and deliver it to you in real time, so you can email them directly.


You will know exactly what they want, when they want it.


But this is only half the battle. Now it is up to you to follow up and time is of the essence. If you contact them tomorrow or even later today, they may have shifted their thoughts to something else or even worse, they've already bought from your competitor.


This is why we have integrated an email software that can instantly email them the second the lead is generated.


This puts you at the right place at the right time. You'll have the best chance at capturing their attention and converting them into a paying customer.

I Hope You Can See How Truly
Game Changing This Is

Are you ready to dominate your market,
leaving your competitors in the dust?

Your pathway to success Awaits You!

Say goodbye to the slow, uncertain world of SEO and expensive advertising. We are here to revolutionize the way you acquire clients.

Instant Leads on Demand is the gateway for your business to access as many red hot buyers as you can handle, in real time! 

We’ll monitor search activity across the entire internet. When someone starts searching for exactly what you offer, the process starts. Once we have identified buyers' intent, we send their contact info directly to you in real-time.


These are not just any prospects, they're perfect leads at the peak of their purchase journey.

It's like having a magical crystal ball predicting the exact moment your best prospects are in peak buyers mode. Your competitors won't stand a chance once you're on board. You decide how much of the market you want to control.


The only question is, how many do you want today?

You have complete control. 

Turn the flow on and off like a faucet.

Welcome to the future of Lead Generation.

So Here's What You Get...

  • Instant Leads OnDemand AI Lead Generating Software - You’ll get access to the most cutting edge real time lead generating software available today.  You’ll be able to set up campaigns that will deliver red hot leads on demand to you or your clients.  In other words, you can use Instant Leads on Demand as a way to build your business and a way to develop cash flow in your business! (Value: $1,500 and $200/month)
  • Supportive Training - Because you are a member, we are including high level training for FREE with your subscription.  Once you go through these modules, you will have a better understanding of how to find, develop, and monetize leads than 99% of the business world.  These are the secrets I have used to build Go Mobile from a small “one person” start up to a behemoth in this industry. If there is anything we are amazing at, it’s lead generation and development. When you combine Instant Leads of Demand with this training you’ll be a Master at Lead Gen and Sales! (Value: $1,000)
  • Go High Level Agency Fusion CRM - Make use of the most advanced consulting lead generation system available today…FREE! (Value: $97/month)
  • How to Warm Up Cold Email Campaigns - We will share tested and proven, plug and play templates that will make it almost unfair for the prospects.  They will be compelled, by deep seat psychological urges, to contact you and buy from you…BEFORE you have your first call! (Value: $1,500)
  • Go High Level Automated Chatbot System - Imagine being able to chat, in real time, with your prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  With this AI chatbot you’ll be able to move a prospect forward while you sleep, spend time with family, take a vacation, or sit on the couch and binge watch Yellowstone!  It doesn’t matter, the chatbot does the work for you.

Plus Bonuses...

  • Niche Snapshots - We are going to give you a deep dive into 6 niche markets of your choice! You decide what markets you want to work in, and we will deliver the keywords, psychographics, interests, and desires of the markets.  People pay thousands of dollars for this kind of research, you get it FREE! (Value: 10,000)
  • 1:1 Coaching with Business Coach - We will help you lay out a plan that will build your business with Instant Leads on Demand!  You tell us what you want your business to look like and we will map out a plan to get you there at light speed!  People pay us, minimum, $1,000 for this kind of coaching call, but you get it FREE as a member! (Value: $1,000)
  •  Implementation Calls with Damien and John - You’ll get 4 recorded implementation calls with two of the greatest, most successful marketers on the Internet…FREE!  Both of these guys charge thousands of dollars a month for coaching, but you get 4 calls free.  With this and the one on one coaching you’ll get, you won’t have any choice but to succeed! (Value: $5,000)

Training Included...

  • Module 1 - Best Use Cases
  • Module 2 - The Hard Way
  • Module 3 - Easy Way - Where the $ is at
  • Module 4 - How to Sell
  • Module 5 - Qualify Prospects
  • Module 6 - Pricing
  • Module 7 - Riches are in the Niches
  • Module 8 - Mastering Keyword Research
  • Module 9 - How To Use Sales Video
  • Module 10 - Wrap Up

Why Choose Go Mobile Instant Leads OnDemand?

  • Light-Speed Results: No more waiting or uncertainty. Leads arrive instantly.
  • Budget Bliss: Stop burning your budget on ads, clicks, SEO and Scammers. Pay only for qualified leads.
  • Control Empowerment: Manage lead flow with unmatched precision. Adjust your lead flow as you need it. You control the amount of 

leads per day and the geo targeting down to zip code level on every campaign. Turn it on and off like a faucet.

  • You set the limit: Decide how much of your market you want to dominate.

If That Isn't Enough!

  • Instant Leads OnDemand helps you acquire high-quality leads instantly, reducing the time and effort required for lead generation.
  • Instant Leads OnDemand saves you money. Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising and marketing efforts.
  • Instant Leads OnDemand gives you the competitive advantage of being among the first to leverage this groundbreaking AI technology to capture potential customers at the peak of their interest.
  • Instant Leads OnDemand can streamline Lead Gen companies lead generation processes, allowing better results to their clients more efficiently
  • Instant Leads OnDemand allows agency owners to expand their service offerings and generate additional revenue by reselling high-quality leads with buyer intent.

Stop Cold Calling And Only Speak To People Searching For What you Are Offering...

Case Study: Cold Email Marketing Success

“ABC Leads”, an email marketing company, conducted a beta test with their Customer, a virtual receptionist company, showcasing exceptional results in lead quality, conversion rates, and overall profitability.

Key Data Points:

● “ABCLeads” generated 50 high-quality leads for their Customer in a beta test.
● The leads were sold at an competitive rate per lead and a % of commission from leads that convert to sales, agreed upon between both parties.

Email Metrics:
● A remarkable 98.9% email delivery rate ensured optimal reach for the generated leads.
● The initial email achieved a notable 40% open rate, indicating strong engagement.
● 16 opt-ins were recorded over a 30-45 day email sequence, demonstrating keen interest in trialing the product.

Post-Trial Sales:
● The virtual receptionist Customer of “ABCLeads” acquired 14 new clients as a result of the lead generation efforts from the 50 leads
● Each of the 14 new clients represents a monthly sale of minimally $350 for the lowest tier virtual receptionist package for “ABC Leads” Customer.

Profitability Breakdown for Customer of “ABC Leads”:
● With a per lead price of $50 per lead = $2,500 initial investment.
● For each of the 14 sales, the Customer earns $350 per month totaling a $4,900 per month increase in revenue. With a minimum churn rate of 12 months, those leads will bring an increase of $58,800 per year in revenue.
● $58,800 minus the $2,500 lead investment=$56,300 per year increase in revenue for the Customer.

Profitability Breakdown for “ABC Leads”:
● $50 per lead generated = $2,500

Lead Pricing

  • AI Search Leads
    This is where we monitor the Internet for prospects searching for what you offer. Once we identify an initial search, we monitor their online activities for buyer intent. Once they consume 2 pieces of relevant content, we flag them as a potential buyer lead and deliver you their contact info in real time.
    Just $2.99 per lead
  • AI Site Leads (Optional)
    These are leads that have come to your actual website. By placing a small piece of code into your website, we can monitor who visits your site and deliver these leads to you in real time.
    Just 30¢ per lead

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

Just imagine someone who is looking for your services, and you are able to connect with them within MINUTES on the internet.

I've never seen anything like this.


Before using this system, I was doing a lot of cold calling to find potential clients. When I say cold calling, I mean over 200 calls per day to find 2-3 clients that are semi-interested or at least willing to take the time to listen to what I have to offer.

I've started 3 digital marketing agencies, and I've built my agencies based on cold calling.  This system is unique. I've never seen an opportunity that allows anyone to connect with their potential client or customer through a simple internet search. Just imagine someone who is looking for your services, and you are able to connect with them within MINUTES on the internet. I've never seen anything like this.

After I started using this, I've noticed a lot more meetings because my potential clients want to speak to me. They are interested in my services because they've done an online search, and through the system, I was able to connect with them in MINUTES!

Unlike cold calling, they actually want to speak to me. They want to take the time to listen to my offer because I know they did a simple web search related to my offer and my services.

In 2024 and beyond, I am seeing a massive upward shift in client acquisition. There is nothing like this, so take advantage of it.

If you are struggling to get clients or to connect with people who are actually looking for what you have to offer, then this system is definitely for you. I've been struggling with getting clients for years, and now, this system is bringing my perfect client to me, and I absolutely love it! Thank you for developing this program. I am forever grateful.

Prepare to rewrite the rules of lead generation. With Instant Leads OnDemand, you're not just staying ahead of the competition; you're soaring above them with a head start that's downright unfair.

 Breaking Barriers:

This is not just another lead generation tool; it's a revolutionary leap forward. We're talking about technology so powerful, it's like being the first to harness the internet itself.

Your “Unfair” Advantage:

Imagine being the pioneer in your industry, equipped with AI that provides instant access to anyone actively seeking what you offer, exactly when they want it. It's not just lead generation; it's total market domination.

Don't Miss Out on Being the Among The First:

The simple fact is early adopters make more money.  Some of the first to get in on the Podcast craze have made hundreds of millions.  100,000 of the first adopters of crypto currencies used it to become millionaires, and 19 of them used it to become Billionaires! First adopters of social media, like Gary Vanerchuk, have leveraged it to become millionaires because they were there before anyone else.  This is your golden ticket, your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get ahead and stay ahead.

Join the elite few who recognize Instant Leads on Demand as the game-changer that it is.

If you're not part of the revolution, you're getting left behind.  Don’t let that happen again!

Act now, and take your business to unprecedented heights. This is your moment to make history.

Damien Zamora

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