How to Start from Nothing & Achieve The Success You Desire with Glen Kaplan
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How to Start from Nothing & Achieve The Success You Desire

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey of turning nothing into something extraordinary? Join us as we delve into the inspiring story of Glen Kaplan, an entrepreneur who defied all odds and built a thriving payments company from scratch. In this Happy Hour Hangout, Glen reveals his secrets to success, showcasing invaluable insights that can empower you to conquer your goals and objectives. 

Get ready to discover how to start a company with no contacts and no money, master the art of the preparation, simplify your life through the “SODA” method, maximize productivity with the “Blocked Time” strategy, and ultimately uncover your mission in life and business. Prepare to be inspired as we unlock the door to your own definition of success through this Happy Hour recap.

How Glen Got Started From Nothing

Glen Kaplan’s journey from starting with nothing—no contacts, no money, and no resources—will leave you inspired and motivated to chase your dreams. After realizing that the insurance business wasn’t his true passion, Glen stumbled upon the world of payments and knew he had found his calling. Fresh out of college, he took a leap of faith and left academia behind. Armed with determination and a willingness to go the extra mile, Glen embraced the payments business. Despite lacking a sphere of influence and financial means, he dove headfirst into learning the ins and outs of the industry. 

Cold calling and flipping through the Yellow Pages became his daily routine as he relentlessly pursued success. With a sign on his apartment wall that read, “I’m willing to do today what others aren’t willing to do so I can do tomorrow what others cannot do,” Glen dedicated himself to hard work and persistence. Through countless cold calls, he secured three appointments each day, knowing that from those appointments, he would make at least one sale. The excitement and potential he saw in the payments business fueled his drive to excel. Gradually, Glen’s expertise grew, and he ventured out on his own, establishing his own company in the ’90s and registering with Visa and MasterCard in 2001. Each day, from sunrise to sunset, Glen poured his heart and soul into his business, steadily achieving his goals. 

As he earned more, he hired an assistant, expanded his team, and invested in marketing and advertising. Glen’s message to his children—and to all aspiring entrepreneurs—is clear: success requires hard work, dedication, and a refusal to make excuses. His love for the payments industry, combined with its profitability, created a fulfilling and mutually beneficial journey. Even during challenging times like the dot-com bubble and fierce competition, Glen remained steadfast and adapted to new technologies and opportunities that emerged. His unwavering commitment throughout the years is nothing short of remarkable. From the early 2000s to the present, Glen has been a driving force in the industry, exemplifying what it means to pursue your passion with unwavering determination.

The Key in Staying on the Cutting Edge

Staying on the cutting edge is the key to thriving in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Glen acknowledges the importance of staying up to date with the latest advancements, which is why he admires Damien’s dedication to helping others navigate the ever-changing world of marketing and business. Technology and industry have been experiencing exponential growth, with the pace of doubling accelerating. In just a matter of years, we’ve witnessed remarkable progress, especially in artificial intelligence, business, marketing, and advertising. That’s why being part of a group like GoMobile Solutions, where cutting-edge knowledge and resources are shared, is crucial. The speed at which things are changing can be overwhelming, but having a community of like-minded individuals who are at the forefront of innovation and can collaborate and learn together is invaluable. 

Damien recognizes the significance of speed and consistently delivers relevant content to keep everyone informed about what’s next and how to profit from current opportunities. Despite the rapid pace, Glen shares his origin story, going back to the early ’90s when he entered the payments business. At the time, no automation technologies or advanced tools were available, so he relied on good old-fashioned methods—knocking on doors, calling the Yellow Pages, and engaging with 80 people daily. Glen understood the importance of building relationships and tirelessly put in the work to forge connections and drive his business forward. As technology continues to reshape industries, embracing innovation and staying connected with a community of forward-thinkers is paramount to thriving in today’s dynamic landscape.

Creating Profitability Through High Margins

Creating profitability through high margins has always been a fundamental aspect of Glen’s approach, and it parallels the opportunities presented by selling mobile applications with GoMobile Solutions. In the past, when Glen sold terminals for credit card processing, he would generate a net profit of around $2,000 per sale, after factoring in the equipment costs and installation fees. The value proposition remains strong today, as digital marketing agencies have the potential to sell mobile applications for prices ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 or more, with minimal costs involved. 

Damien emphasizes the similarities between Glen’s experience and the current landscape, highlighting the high margins and the shared target audience—local businesses such as restaurants, chiropractors, and golf courses. By contacting a significant number of prospects each day, just like Glen did, agencies can tap into a profitable market and enjoy substantial net profits. The key lies in recognizing the value of these opportunities and leveraging them to create a successful and lucrative business model.

The Power of Technology and the Ability to Make Money Today, Even From Your Phone

The power of technology is truly remarkable, enabling us to make money and achieve our goals even from the convenience of our phones. Glen reminisces about his early days in the payments business, where he would contact around 80 people each day, knowing that with every “no” he received, he was getting closer to the next “yes.” 

He shares a story of a 12-year-old boy who used his phone to research, learn, and start his own business, making $4,300 in his first month and poised to earn even more in the following months. Glen highlights the incredible opportunities available today, where a phone holds the knowledge and capabilities that once required massive efforts and resources. With access to automation tools, marketing platforms, and the ability to learn and connect with others, anyone with passion, desire, and a strong work ethic can make a serious income, attain freedom, and experience autonomy. The key lies in working hard and investing the time to build a successful business. 

Glen and Damien both emphasize the importance of finding high-margin products, generating recurring revenue, and organically growing your business based on revenue rather than seeking external investments. The advancements in technology have revolutionized the way we operate, eliminating wasted time, increasing efficiency, and allowing us to accomplish more in less time. With just a phone, a brain, and dedication, the possibilities are limitless.

Advice To Setting Yourself Up For Success

Setting yourself up for success begins with effective preparation and daily planning. Glen shares his advice, emphasizing the importance of creating a list of action plans the night before. This simple practice has been a key factor in his success, as it provides clarity and a roadmap for accomplishing tasks. Glen’s mornings are critical, starting with a refreshing walk on the beach, a good breakfast, and a bit of exercise. Then, he sits down and methodically checks off each item on his list, focusing on accomplishing one task after another. Glen’s dedication is unwavering, as he commits to completing everything he has written down, ensuring that no task is left unfinished. While some items may carry over to the next day due to changing dynamics or the emergence of better ideas, he maintains momentum by starting with seemingly insignificant tasks and building momentum from there. Each day becomes super productive, with the original list expanding as new opportunities and relationships arise. 

Glen acknowledges the value of blocking out dedicated time, not only for work-related projects but also for personal activities and quality time with loved ones. By treating these blocks of time as non-negotiable commitments, he ensures that nothing interferes with his priorities. Glen encourages others to adopt this approach, comparing it to a job where tasks and deadlines are set by a boss. By dedicating focused time to accomplish personal and business goals, the benefits are immeasurable. Blocking out time becomes an enjoyable and empowering practice, fueling a sense of achievement and propelling individuals toward their next set of goals.

Time Chunking & Leveraging Technology for Productivity & Minimizing Distractions

Time chunking is a powerful technique that Glen utilizes to stay focused and achieve his goals. He sets aside dedicated blocks of time, typically two to three hours, for specific tasks or projects. During these blocks, he eliminates distractions and commits himself fully to the task at hand. By closing the door and immersing himself in the project, he ensures that external factors such as phone calls and emails don’t interrupt his focus. Although flexibility is necessary, allowing for brief interruptions or adjustments, Glen prioritizes maintaining concentration on the task he’s working on. At the end of the day, when he reflects on his accomplishments, he’s often amazed by the progress he has made. This approach not only increases productivity but also pushes the ball forward toward achieving his objectives. Glen acknowledges the advantages and disadvantages of technology. While it can enhance productivity, it also brings various distractions and notifications. To combat this, he takes control by putting his phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode during focused work sessions. By consciously managing his technological interactions, Glen maintains his focus and minimizes interruptions, maximizing his productivity and progress.

Balancing the Little Things vs Big Projects

Glen and Damien have different approaches when it comes to balancing the little things versus big projects. Glen believes in striking a balance by allocating time to both low-hanging fruit and significant undertakings. He understands the importance of not solely focusing on quick wins but also tackling substantial tasks that may take months to complete. By addressing both types of work, Glen reaps the benefits of productivity and progress on multiple fronts. 

On the other hand, Damien prefers to tackle the big projects first, eating the “big ol’ hairy frogs” as he puts it. While this approach may result in carrying over some tasks to the next day, Damien finds that completing a significant portion of his to-do list creates momentum and a sense of accomplishment. Glen acknowledges that big projects often consist of several smaller subtasks, which he methodically works through until completion. Ultimately, both approaches have their merits, and the key lies in finding the method that suits one’s work style and allows for effective progress toward goals.

The Power of To-do Lists and Note Taking

The power of to-do lists and note-taking is a key element in achieving success, as discussed by Glen and Damien. There is a psychological impact when we write down our tasks and goals, creating a sense of motivation and focus to get things done. It’s comparable to the satisfaction we feel when we tick off items from our list, triggering dopamine releases. Lists act as visual reminders, keeping us on track and ensuring we follow a designated flow of work. 

Whether it’s work-related tasks, client fulfillment, prospecting, sales, or various other responsibilities, having a list helps us stay focused and allocate time efficiently. It’s a practice employed by successful individuals like Mark Cuban and many others. Glen emphasizes the importance of making lists every day to ensure nothing is forgotten and ideas are captured. He relies on notes on his phone to jot down thoughts and additions to the to-do list. By embracing the habit of list-making, we establish direction and increase productivity, benefiting both individuals and businesses in the era of automation and technology.

Glens SODA Method 

Glen shares his S.O.D.A method, which stands for simplification, organization, delegation, and automation. This approach has been a guiding principle for him in both his business and personal life. Glen emphasizes the importance of continuously simplifying and organizing processes to improve efficiency. By delegating tasks and finding ways to automate repetitive actions, he saves time and energy, allowing him to focus on revenue-generating activities and pursue innovative ideas. Glen encourages the use of technology and apps to streamline personal tasks as well, enabling him to prioritize valuable activities over mundane ones. He believes that by freeing up his mind and keeping it uncluttered with minutiae, he becomes more productive, generates more ideas, and ultimately achieves greater success. 

Additionally, Glen highlights the benefits of applying the S.O.D.A method to personal life, allowing for more quality time with family and friends without the distraction of business-related thoughts. By embracing simplicity, organization, delegation, and automation, Glen has found a way to enhance productivity, happiness, and financial freedom in his life.

Simplifying and Clearing Your Mind

Glen emphasizes the importance of simplifying and clearing one’s mind in order to achieve clarity and focus. He suggests organizing and tidying up both personal and professional aspects of life, such as cleaning closets, organizing files, and decluttering emails. By simplifying and eliminating unnecessary complications and hassles, individuals can create clear mental space and approach tasks with greater efficiency. 

Glen encourages taking action to simplify the start of a business, avoiding the trap of getting caught up in perfectionism or unnecessary preparations. Instead, he advises focusing on revenue-producing activities and prioritizing tasks that directly contribute to generating income. By simplifying and automating non-revenue-generating tasks, individuals can allocate more time and resources to the activities that truly matter. The revenue generated can then be reinvested in further simplification and automation, creating a positive cycle of increased efficiency and productivity.

Organizing & Delegating Advice

Glen emphasizes the importance of simplifying and clearing one’s mind in order to achieve clarity and focus. He suggests organizing and tidying up both personal and professional aspects of life, such as cleaning closets, organizing files, and decluttering emails. By simplifying and eliminating unnecessary complications and hassles, individuals can create clear mental space and approach tasks with greater efficiency. Glen encourages taking action to simplify the start of a business, avoiding the trap of getting caught up in perfectionism or unnecessary preparations. Instead, he advises focusing on revenue-producing activities and prioritizing tasks that directly contribute to generating income. 

By simplifying and automating non-revenue-generating tasks, individuals can allocate more time and resources to the activities that truly matter. The revenue generated can then be reinvested in further simplification and automation, creating a positive cycle of increased efficiency and productivity.

Finding Your Mission in Life and Business

Glen emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and asking oneself the right questions to discover both their life mission and business mission. Taking time for introspection and determining what one truly wants from various aspects of life, such as business, relationships, and personal health, is crucial. Glen suggests writing down these desires and creating a clear vision of what one wants to achieve. By focusing on their own desires and not relying on others’ expectations, individuals can navigate through the maze of external influences and gain clarity on their true desires. 

Glen shares his personal goal of financial freedom and passive income as an example. He encourages taking action, setting a plan, and continuously working toward the desired outcome. Ultimately, discovering one’s life mission and business mission requires going deep within, asking the right questions, and aligning actions with personal aspirations.

The Power of Mentors & Community

Glen highlights the power of mentors and community in achieving success. He acknowledges that he didn’t have access to such resources during his early journey, and he had to learn and develop on his own. However, he emphasizes the value of having mentors and a supportive community, stating that one doesn’t have to navigate the path alone. By being part of a like-minded community with similar goals, individuals can uplift and support each other. Damien also shares his pride in the GoMobile Community and the new interactive platform they have created, offering live coaching, updated training, and a sense of camaraderie. The availability of technology and online platforms has revolutionized the learning experience, making it easier than ever to connect with peers, learn from their successes, and access a wealth of knowledge. Glen and Damien both highlight the significance of finding the right community and leveraging the collective wisdom and support it provides in pursuit of personal and business growth.

The Power of Unequivocal Decision

Glen and Damien emphasize the power of making an unequivocal decision. They explain that it’s not enough to have a list of things we need to do or want to do; what matters is the definitive decision we make. They provide an illustrative example, where if our life depended on it, we would unquestionably choose to avoid certain detrimental actions. They argue that this same level of commitment and decisiveness should be applied to the things we truly want in life. By making resolute decisions aligned with our goals, every action we take will be in line with those decisions. 

Glen mentions the importance of feeding what we want to accomplish and starving the negative aspects. They emphasize the distinction between “wanting” something and “deciding” or “choosing” to pursue it, highlighting that true success and achievement come from resolute commitment. By making definitive choices, we align our actions and behaviors with our goals, both in business and in life.

Glen’s Biggest Lessons Learned in Life and Business

Glen shares one of the biggest lessons he has learned. He emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility and making things happen instead of relying on external factors. Glen acknowledges that there will be ups and downs, and not everything will be successful. However, he has adopted a mindset where he doesn’t let setbacks bother him. He believes that cultivating a sense of gratefulness is crucial, and he personally practices gratitude daily. Glen shares a personal story of a major health issue he faced, which reminded him to appreciate his life and all the blessings he has. He encourages others to embrace gratefulness and recognize the fragility of life. Damien relates to Glen’s perspective, mentioning how facing death and experiencing the pandemic has made him appreciate life’s simple joys and reassess his priorities. He shares a conversation with a colleague who desires to leave a mark and make a lasting impact, which inspires him to reflect on how he can serve others at a higher level. Both Glen and Damien concur on the importance of gratitude and the transformative power it can have in every aspect of life.


In Glen’s Happy Hour session, he shared valuable insights on starting from nothing and achieving success in life and business. Throughout the conversation, several key takeaways emerged. First and foremost, simplifying and clearing your mind is crucial. By simplifying processes, organizing your surroundings, and delegating tasks, you can enhance clarity and focus. Glen also emphasized the importance of finding your mission, both in life and business, by asking yourself what you truly want and setting clear goals. 

Additionally, he highlighted the power of mentors and community, recognizing that you don’t have to go through the journey alone. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and seeking guidance from mentors can provide valuable support and knowledge. Furthermore, Glen stressed the significance of making unequivocal decisions, committing to your chosen path, and aligning your actions accordingly. 

Finally, cultivating a mindset of gratitude emerged as a vital lesson, appreciating the present moment and recognizing the fragility of life. By embodying these principles, one can embark on a journey of personal and professional growth, overcoming challenges, and achieving the success they desire.