Brad Costanzo - Position Yourself as An Advisor & Differentiate from Your Competitors
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Positioning Yourself as an Advisor and Differentiating from the Competition

Brad is an entrepreneur, coach, and business consultant that's been on the scene for years. With a long career in founding, growing and selling multiple businesses under his belt, he now spends his time helping industry leaders to find cutting-edge growth strategies for their individual companies. One particular project of Brad’s worth noting is the podcast series “Bacon Wrapped Business”, in which he shares valuable insights from highly successful entrepreneurs as well as discussing advice on how to position yourself as a strategic advisor versus a vendor, how to differentiate yourself from the competition, and pricing strategies that let you earn more while servicing fewer clients. His unorthodox methods guarantee success by giving any entrepreneur unique tactics to generate new prospects.


When proposing a strategy to someone, whether it be mobile apps, services or something else, it is essential to create a sense of trust in the individual that this strategy will work for them. Demonstration and proof are the best way to get the customer to understand and trust in the methodology, with you being the best choice to provide it. This concept of establishing trust should be taken into consideration from both angles - if your service is unique then customers need to trust that this system is for them; if not, then you need to demonstrate why your choice would be better than others available. Simply telling customers that your strategy will work for them may not be enough; taking the time to show customers how and why it works could help build their faith in you as well as the product itself.



Clients often cannot afford the typical fees associated with a service. It is important to build confidence and ease around a proposed solution, making sure to emphasize the impact that it will bring. In some cases, it is possible to arrange for a value-based fee, performance-based fee, or revenue share. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that have had a rough year during the pandemic. For example, if they are involved in retail businesses this could spell out a nightmare that needs sorting out. It is also important to reevaluate certain practices such as whether or not staying in the yellow pages is still worth it.



Strategy plays a vital part in choosing to go the performance route instead of always expecting money upfront. Investing time and energy is something that can’t be replaced, so it should be taken into careful consideration when making the decision whether to work with a client or not. Not only does this form of investment help bolster one’s self-confidence and avoid bothersome clients, but also by positioning and differentiating oneself, it assists in building up relationships. Referrals and joint ventures are two ways to develop these connections between service providers, lists, audiences, and clients. A concept that I absolutely adore is earning earnest money upfront as a way to reinforce the relationship between all parties involved while still providing back end advantages to you in terms of value.


Monologuing about practices in the industry helps you create seed interviews that you can use to inform potential customers of what services your company offers. By doing this, you can address any problems that they may be having concerning customer interaction, local business experiences, lack of word of mouth or the lack of marketing by highlighting the value and quality of your product or service.



Everyone experiences stress and anxiety from time to time, but it’s important to take steps to reduce or eliminate your top sources of those feelings. By making a plan and finding healthy coping mechanisms, you can take control of your stressors and feel better mentally and physically. If you find that you’re struggling to cope with stress on your own, seek professional help for additional support.