, Activating the Reward Center Inside Your Customers Brain
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Activating the Reward Center Inside Your Customers Brain

Welcome to a journey that delves into the inner workings of your customers' brains, revealing the secret button that holds the key to their ultimate satisfaction. In this captivating GoMobile Happy Hour Hangout, the renowned Marisa Murgatroyd, founder of "Live Your Message" and the visionary behind the "Experience Product Masterclass," takes center stage.

Brace yourself as Marisa unveils groundbreaking insights on how to tap into the realm of brain chemistry, unlocking the potential for massive success and igniting a frenzy of repeat sales and referrals for your clients.

In this blog, we'll highlight key moments from Marisa's illuminating talk. Brace yourself as we journey through her career and research, explore the enchantment of gamification and the Experience Formula, and discover how to create the ultimate Finish Line Experience.

Along the way, we'll uncover invaluable insights on supporting your customers, generating unstoppable momentum, and celebrating their triumphant crossing of the finish line. But that's not all - Marisa's expertise extends to the realm of Experiencification, creating engagement, copyright concerns, app sales strategies, and much more. Plus, she shares her secrets on client acquisition through captivating story selling.  Get ready to unlock the key to unparalleled customer engagement and skyrocket your agency's success!

Marisa's Career & Research

Marisa shared her extensive experience in creating online courses and programs that have generated $23 million in revenue over the past decade. However, she noticed a recurring issue: a high dropout rate among customers who purchased her courses. This led her to realize that the industry standard for online courses showed that 97% of people who purchased such programs failed to complete them.

Despite this alarming statistic, the online education industry is projected to become a billion-dollar-a-day industry by 2025. Marisa questioned how such immense profits could be generated while failing to deliver on promises and support customers in achieving their desired results. She expressed her discomfort with selling products that customers didn't fully engage with, as it not only affected sales but also prevented the transformation and positive outcomes that she believed every individual could achieve with the right training, support, coaching, and education.

Determined to make a change, Marisa set out to find ways to captivate and retain customer attention in order to ensure successful outcomes.

Gamification & The Experience Formula

Marisa's exploration into the worlds of apps, games, and entertainment led her to a profound realization during a trip to Italy in 2016. Witnessing the widespread frenzy surrounding the Pokémon Go game, with adults passionately chasing virtual creatures through the streets, Marisa wondered if she could harness that level of excitement to inspire positive life changes. This sparked her interest in gamification and its potential application to online courses, group coaching programs, and service-based agencies.

However, Marisa emphasizes that gamification alone is not enough. She developed a set of 10 core principles known as the "Experience Formula", which encompasses behavioral design, motivation psychology, and adult learning principles. By applying these principles, she witnessed remarkable results, including 10 to 30 times higher engagement levels, reduced refund rates, increased initial sales, and a surge in testimonials, success stories, referrals, and repeat sales. Her products have consistently achieved million-dollar status, attracting industry leaders seeking her guidance to transform their product lines.

Marisa recognizes the addictive nature of smartphone apps and the constant dopamine hits we seek from them citing that the average person unlocks their phone 150 times a day, and touches it 2617 times. To counteract this distraction and capture customer attention, she advocates for pushing the dopamine buttons in our customers' brains by employing similar tools and techniques used by Silicon Valley. In the attention economy, where attention has become the top currency, Marisa believes it is crucial to prioritize customer success and engagement. By doing so, acquisition costs decrease, and marketing campaigns become more effective as customers receive valuable results in advance.

Through her extensive research and implementation of these principles over the past several years, Marisa has witnessed extraordinary outcomes, with notable thought leaders achieving significant improvements in refund rates, launch revenues, and overall customer success. Marisa firmly believes that customer success is the new marketing, and when equal importance is given to both acquisition and customer satisfaction, businesses can achieve remarkable results while navigating the attention-driven landscape of today.

Creating a Finish Line Experience

Creating the Finish Line Experience focuses on the importance of delivering exceptional experiences to customers after they make a purchase. Marisa highlights the significance of engaging customers beyond the initial transaction to foster a strong relationship with the brand. She emphasizes that the deliverable should extend beyond the app itself and focus on the desired results and outcomes for customers.

Marisa encourages businesses to define a finish line—a tangible and celebratory moment that customers can experience. By identifying the result or goal the app aims to achieve for customers, businesses can track progress and ensure customers feel a sense of accomplishment. Celebrating milestones and wins, such as filling a dining room through effective marketing, helps build a positive connection between customers and the brand. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction, referrals, and repeat business.

Marisa also highlights the importance of creating a comprehensive experience that matches the promise of the product or service. For example, incorporating an onboarding process within the app itself can enhance the overall experience and keep customers engaged. She also shares examples of thoughtful gestures, such as sending gift baskets and personal cards, to show appreciation and build a strong foundation for the customer relationship.

Marisa emphasizes the value of personalization and attention to detail, as they contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ultimately, by focusing on creating a remarkable finish line experience, businesses can foster customer engagement, referrals, and long-term success.

Supporting Your Customers with Unstoppable Momentum

Supporting Your Customers with Unstoppable Momentum focuses on the challenges businesses face in not only getting their app downloaded but also ensuring customers fully engage with and benefit from the app's features. Marisa brainstormed ideas to address these challenges and how the principles of the Experience Formula can be applied.

Participants in the GoMobile Community shared various strategies they use, such as motivating businesses to answer the question of why customers would want the app on their phones like offering incentives like discounts or creating unique messages to send via push notifications. Advertising the app and its benefits through various channels, both online and offline, is also emphasized.

Marisa highlighted specific principles of the Experience Formula that can support customer engagement including defining the finish line or core promise that the app will deliver, providing a clear framework for users to track their progress, and ensuring they feel a sense of constant wins and unstoppable momentum through small, achievable actions that lead to larger successes. Creating peak emotional experiences, normalizing challenges, establishing feedback loops, and building a sense of community are also essential elements in supporting customers.

It's important to note that this expands beyond apps, and that these principles also apply to other services, such as reputation marketing, SEO, websites, and Facebook ads. We encourage you to think about how these principles can be adapted to your specific offerings and to consider the onboarding process and defining success for your customers.

Overall, the importance of supporting customers beyond the initial app download also involves guiding them toward achieving their goals while creating a positive and engaging experience.

Celebrating Crossing The Finish Line

Marisa emphasized the importance of creating a sense of unstoppable momentum and providing a memorable celebration when customers reach their desired goals. Marisa Murgatroyd explained that incorporating these elements into marketing, services, and product lines helps individuals feel empowered and motivated to keep going.

When customers approach the finish line and achieve their mission, it's crucial to make the experience memorable and celebratory. Marisa shared an example from her Momentum program, where she rented a boat in Marina Del Rey and organized a mannequin challenge with all her students. This event not only created a peak experience for the participants but also marked the end of their journey, providing a sense of accomplishment and celebration.

Marisa emphasizes the significance of delivering an exceptional experience throughout the entire program, not just during the celebration. By prioritizing community-building and making individuals feel valued, businesses can create long-lasting connections with their customers. Marisa's example of the mannequin challenge showcases the power of creating meaningful experiences that go beyond the content provided, fostering a strong sense of community and loyalty.

Ultimately, by incorporating moments of celebration and unique experiences, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth.

"Experiencification" and Creating Engagement

Marisa highlighted the importance of going beyond traditional gamification methods and creating immersive and memorable experiences for customers. She shared examples of how she implemented these strategies in her own product launches.

She introduced the concept of "experiencification" as a broader approach to creating transformative experiences. Marisa shared an example from her Experience Product Masterclass launch, where she offered a fast-action bonus called the "Golden Ticket." Inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, participants who signed up during the webinar received a physical chocolate bar with a golden ticket. The ticket granted exclusive access to group coaching sessions, priority choices, and other bonuses.

Marisa explained that the engagement and excitement surrounding the chocolate bar bonus were exceptional. She shared videos and images of customers eagerly unboxing their chocolate bars, posting pictures, and expressing their enthusiasm in the program's Facebook group. This unique experience fostered a sense of community and generated significant engagement, leading to increased sales and social proof.

The example demonstrates how thinking outside the box and creating fun, creative experiences can turn customers into passionate advocates who refer and promote the product or service. Marisa encourages businesses to explore various ways to engage and excite their customers, emphasizing that the experiences don't have to be elaborate but should be enjoyable and memorable.

Overall, the examples showcased the effectiveness of incorporating experiential elements into marketing and product launches, resulting in increased engagement, customer satisfaction, and sales success.


In conclusion, Marisa Murgatroyd's Happy Hour Hangout provided valuable insights into activating the reward center inside customers' brains and maximizing engagement. Throughout the episode, Marisa shared her expertise on gamification, creating an engaging customer experience, celebrating milestones, and supporting customers along their journey. Her examples, such as the "Golden Ticket" bonus, demonstrate the power of experiential marketing in driving sales and fostering a strong community. To witness the effectiveness of these strategies firsthand, we encourage you to watch the full episode on YouTube. Marisa's methods can revolutionize your digital agency and unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns. The insights she shared were inspiring and  taught us how to equip tools to activate the dopamine button in your customers' brains.