, A Life of Growth and Prosperity
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A Life of Growth and Prosperity

Imagine a life filled with growth and prosperity, where breakthroughs and success become the norm. It all starts with a single encounter, a chance meeting that opens up a world of possibilities. We had a great Happy Hour session delving into the captivating journey of Jordan Adler, a man whose life was forever changed by a serendipitous meeting in a coffee shop. From transforming perspectives and business strategies to exponential networking and the power of relationships, Jordan's story will inspire you to embrace a life of abundance and continuous growth. Get ready to unlock the secrets to living a life of prosperity that transcends your wildest dreams.

Greatest breakthroughs go through meeting one person

Jordan met Richard Branson through meeting a travel agency in a Salt Lake City Mariott Starbucks that sold tickets to Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Space program. Jordan had on an old journal that he had wanted to go to space, and on his 57th birthday, he wired money to secure his spot to go to space as soon as the program is live. He got to meet Richard Branson and go to his private island to spend a bunch of time with him. And if he hadn't met that woman in the line at Starbucks, none of that would have happened or be possible.

Change your perspective

Jordan walked us through a very interesting exercise with numbers as various symbols and had the community try to guess what the number was. In the beginning, the exercise seemed difficult, because you would be trying to quickly memorize the 10 different symbols for what the numbers 1-10 meant. However, once he then showed us a different way of viewing the information, it was then much easier to understand the different numbers from the new perspective. The main point was when you can surround yourself with other people who have had more success and breakthroughs, you can then learn from them to help you change your viewpoints and transform your life and business.

The formula for transforming any business

1. Who can I sell to vs who can I collaborate with
2. Linear Income vs. Non-Linear Income
3. Transactionnaly Driven vs Mission Driven
4. Quitter vs Problem Solver
5. Lone Ranger vs Team Builder
6. Who vs How
7. Sale vs Lifetime Friend/Client
8. Incremental (Step-by-step) vs Exponential (Strategy)
9. The same vs Unique (How can I transform this?)

Threedom: Exponentially growing your network

Building strong relationships and connections through your network. Jordan shared his trademarked image with us demonstrating how just meeting one person can open up a huge network of possibilities. He told us a story about how a guy was using his name on the internet in a negative light to drive a bunch of traffic to him. Now Jordan wanted this gone and his attorney said they could send him a cease and desist letter, but instead, Jordan decided to send him a card with a Starbucks gift card in it and the guy ended up taking all the negative content down, and then actually formed a great relationship with Jordan. The guy also ended up signing up with Jordan and became one of his top recruiters and brought on thousands of monthly customers to Jordan of which he’s still receiving 4-figure checks monthly of work done more than 13 years ago. It’s almost the concept of you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Building relationships and collaborating

Jordan said that there are certain people that you if you build a relationship with them, can help you make things happen. What if you intentionally started to build relationships with people? He gave us examples of 5 people he built relationships, friendships, and collaborations and how it helped him grow his business by focusing on the relationship rather than the transactions. Through these 5 people who each had their own networks, his opportunities then branched out through their communities of collectively over 2.6 million people.

Overcoming depression through travel and journaling

Because Jordan didn’t make a penny from his external ventures for many many years, although he had worked many day jobs during that time, he found himself working for an airline company that was in bankruptcy and had cut his salary by $14,000 per year. Luckily though, he had the benefit to be able to travel with them. So he decided to travel and head to the grand canyon and finally take action on what he had read in many personal development books. With a journal along the journey, he started writing out what his perfect life was and wrote it all out in the present tense as if it had already happened. By writing in the present tense like it was his reality today and not in the future. Nothing happened and came to fruition immediately, but just a few years later when he was moving into his dream home in the forest in Arizona and unpacking, his girlfriend at the time found the journal and he read the pages and realized that he had literally designed his future life.

Today Jordan is a helicopter pilot, he’s scheduled to go to space, he’s got beautiful sports cars, multiple residences, and relationships with friends all over the world. All this manifested as a result of him writing his vision all down in a journal.

Stay in touch in a meaningful way

Jordan told us a story about how he would only be at his Jerome Arizona home for about three days to two weeks per month, but every time he would return, there would just be little small signs that someone had been in the house. One time a beer can was present, another time a window was open and lights were on until he arrived one day and the bedroom door on his third level was deadbolted from the inside. This caused him to search online for an alarm system company to hire. He mentioned that he had received many various different business cards from alarm company reps in the past, but they were all easily forgotten, however, if they had stayed in touch, perhaps he would have hired them instead. He quoted Harvey Mackay saying “You can predict the future of someone’s income by looking at the size of his/her Rolodex.” He then gave an example of “the world’s greatest salesman” Joe Girard, author of “How to sell anything to anybody” who would send notes out to his contacts he met and customers monthly. Every person he met, he would send them notes after he first met them, just to check in on them, to say happy birthday and so many other types. He eventually had such a large Rolodex he had to hire a team of 14 people just to handwrite notes and send thousands per month. He made sure that people knew that he cared about them and that they remembered him as somebody extra special. In today’s world, you can still do this using today’s technology and just send someone a simple text or direct message.

100 Contacts (3 Customers)

If you send each of your contacts a note, give them a quick call, or leave them a voicemail just to let them know that you’re there for them if they ever need anything, that can incrementally increase your revenue. If you send them a small gift, send them a happy birthday message or card, or even set up a personal meeting or coffee, these things all will add more revenue to your bottom line. This will easily continue to increase the lifetime value of your customers, give you more referrals, and save you on additional marketing expenses. What will your clients do if you do this to them?

Jordan had sent a gift to one of his clients for $120 with shipping, and it resulted in 320 $100 sales and that was just the beginning. This strengthened the relationship and also will likely result in other referrals, sales, and repeat business

The 3.2 Million $100 Bill

In 2015 at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery networking event, with thousands in attendance, live on stage Jordan auctioned off a $100 bill for $3.2 million dollars. It blew his mind, and he had no idea that was going to happen, but that experience taught him a lot. He had done that in the past, but the most previously ever received was $7,500 for the $100 bill. It was a real auction and the winner, David, donated the money to the Starkey Hearing Foundation. He was one of the co-founders of Oracle and Jordan had no idea he was in the crowd. But the biggest thing it taught Jordan is what something costs is not what it’s worth. It was about ego, it was about winning, it was about competition. That was the value in it for the people in the 6-figure bidders. It was about the symbolism of success.

Beach Money

Jordan wrote his book “Beach Money” and has sold over 1 million copies. He told us though how that 95% percent of really good books, never sell a single copy. Generally, the author will complete the book, order 50-500 copies and give them to all their family and friend, but no one every buys the book. What Jordan did with Beach Money was he understood distribution, and he was connected with a lot of other well-connected people, many of those who had very large networks. When we was going to an event where he was scheduled to speak for only 20 minutes, along with 79 other speakers who were only allotted 20 minutes, he gave all 1,000+ attending a free copy of his book. He knew that they all had very large communities and if they like his book, they would promote it for him.


In a world where growth and prosperity are sought after, it's the extraordinary moments and connections that shape our journey. Jordan's remarkable experiences teach us the importance of changing our perspectives, transforming our businesses, and cultivating meaningful relationships. By focusing on collaboration, building networks, and staying connected in a meaningful way, we can create a future filled with abundance and success. Remember, it only takes one encounter to set in motion a cascade of opportunities that lead to a life of unimaginable growth. So go out there, embrace change, nurture connections, and live a life of continuous expansion and prosperity.