Lorrel Elian - How Body Language Affects Client Attraction
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How Body Language Affects Your Client Acquisition with Lorrel Elian

Lorrel Elian is an expert in non-verbal communication. She has the special skills to read faces and tap into body language. She’s here to help business owners bring in more clients and money with her techniques. Through her knowledge of non-verbal messages, you’ll learn how to attract more ideal clients, as well as close more deals successfully. By mastering non-verbal communication people can be enlightened to the unseen messages that they send out that have an effect on their life and business relationships. Lorrel will be discussing these topics in depth while helping individuals gain a better understanding of non-verbal communication.


Skills in body language communication are critical in the business world; with the ability to attract clientele and close deals stemming from a confident understanding. Lorrel's tagline, “your body is your business” embodies this concept, as understanding one’s micro movements and signals is only a part of creating the desired effect with potential partners. Language is something developed over the course of a lifetime, so getting those small bumps such as rejections and defeat that life throws your way will shape the tone of expression you outwardly display. Understanding all these minutiae elements can make the difference between success or failure when it comes to clients.

Lorrel's lesson:

Lorrel's teachings offer a much needed reminder in a world of stress and anxiety that our growth into maturity is about more than just what the outside world sees. When driving to work and facing the external demands of life, we can learn to readjust our focus on understanding how and why it is that we attract or repel certain things, thus allowing us to shift patterns with each new moment. It's important to recognize our willingness to create awareness within ourselves and connect with those around us on a eye-to-eye level in order to form community instead of solely being 'doers'. Embracing the challenge of being more human allows us to let go of any emotional baggage while finding vitality—the effects of which can be profound.

How to get out of stress and anxiety:

Understanding how our energetic body affects our experience of the world around us can be a challenge, and recognizing it happens on an almost invisible level doesn’t always make it easier. Even if we don’t see it, the truth is that it’s like gravity or oxygen. It’s part of natural laws and connecting with others in meaningful ways is all about understanding these variances. In this day and age when so much of our communication is online, it can feel like there’s a large amount of stress and anxiety within the community. It takes more than just talking, though; now more than ever, we need to create space for being heard instead. Taking a few moments to release your shoulders and allow yourself to breath helps create deeper connections between you and those around you. Challenge yourself - squeeze your shoulder blades together when things start feeling overwhelming, take a deep breath in and let go as you exhale again. Let that energy flow on out!

Mental Wellness:

There is great power in pushing oneself to take on the challenge of promoting mental wellness. For those struggling with stress, anxiety and other issues, coming together with a supportive community can spark positive change. Breath work is one way to deepen the connection with one’s self and expand our lung capacity. Increasingly common in yoga classes and meditation settings, this practice has been around for centuries and yields tremendous benefits such as greater focal awareness and improved skin health. Furthermore, by taking time each day to focus on breath-work you could attract people who make you feel successful and energized. By consciously paying attention to your breathing pattern, you will establish deep roots which allow for healthier relationships with both yourself and those around you!


For those of us who want to get started attracting more clients and growing our businesses, remember these tips: be clear about what you do and who you help; show up consistently online; give people a reason to follow you by sharing valuable content; collaborate with other business owners in your field; and make sure your website is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. If you keep these things in mind, you'll be well on your way to attracting more customers and growing your business.