Damien Zamora - Using Your Resources & Knowledge to Make a Difference
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How to use your resources & knowledge to make a difference in the world – Baja Summer Jam

Damien demonstrates how to creatively incorporate art and music into animals, which will bring the neighborhood together. Damien will describe the specifics of what we are doing and how we have used specific resources as a business, as well as how he has used his own time and the lessons he has learned along the road to illustrate how simple it is to bring your community together.

Local Organizations

Mariana is the creator of an organization that rescues and adopts animals. This group has concentrated on neighborhood spay and neuter efforts for the previous four years. There are more animals than homes, which is the biggest challenge for animals. Another charity, PET Los Cabos, offers free and affordable services, like as early spaying. In the Los Cabos area, 15000 have had spays thus far. Additionally, the Second Chance Ranch was established with the intention of bringing in and rehabilitating dogs. They care for aged, abandoned dogs on the other side.


Mexico's problem with street animals

There are many street animals, due to many that are not netered or spayed which has caused a rampant overpopulation of homeless street animals. Because they are homeless, they may not receive adequate treatment and develop many illnesses. Numerous dogs running on the roadways and on the streets often result in fatal accidents.


How to support a cause you care about

Spend some time learning about and researching local issues. You need to know who is already contributing greatly to the cause in your neighborhood. Join forces with someone who has already demonstrated success in resolving the issue to which you wish to make a contribution.


Research organization you want to support

What kind of assistance do organizations require? In certain circumstances, raising awareness is more important than providing funding. If we start from the ground up and focus on working with children in particular, these organizations will develop educational programs for kids so they can learn about responsible pet ownership at an early age and then pass that knowledge on to their parents.


Drive support:

The Baja Summer Jam is a fantastic venue for inspiring people to use their abilities, expertise, and free time to improve the world. They hope to raise awareness of animal welfare through this event and win the backing of neighbors and local businesses. This can be accomplished by planning fundraising activities, coming up with campaigns, and collaborating with groups like Mariana's Rescue Organization.









We must work together to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the issue of street animals that includes both immediate fixes, like spaying/neutering programs, and long-term fixes, like finding homes for stray animals. Additionally, we need to inform the public and inspire individuals to take action. Through Summer Jam, it is feasible to encourage responsible ownership, raise awareness about the value of spaying and neutering pets, and encourage adoption rather than pet store purchases. By providing resources, giving our time, or spreading their message, we can also assist groups like Mariana's Rescue Organization and PET Los Cabos that are doing excellent work in the neighborhood.