Amber Trueblood - Practical Strategies to Reduce Daily Stress and Anxiety
Quick Tips

Practical Strategies to Reduce Daily Stress and Anxiety, with Amber Trueblood, LMFT, MBA

Here, Amber Trueblood will provide useful tips for dealing with stress and anxiety that you can use in your job, your relationships, and other practical contexts. She wants to provide tools that people can actually utilize and put into practice in just 5 minutes. If you've ever struggled with managing daily stresses or anxiety, you definitely want to continue on with this blog, or watch the entire episode above.

Morning Routine:

Research shows that our brains function best when we occasionally push ourselves by changing things up and refraining from doing the same thing repeatedly. If you already have a morning routine, Amber challenges you to replace it with one of these broken parts. She explains the procedure and strongly advises everyone to give the mesh technique a try because it is so easy.


Anyone can remember it with the acronym and complete it every morning in far less time than five minutes. By taking a few minutes in the morning to center yourself and find some peace so that you can approach the day with Amy as your primary focus, you will be able to serve your entire family, your friends, and your community better and more.



You can utilize biohacking techniques like smiling, which signals to your brain that you are joyful. The neurochemicals associated with that feeling are released and then you experience that feeling. Amber offers a brilliant notion on the dushane smile, which need not be genuine smiles. You don't need to experience it. Your brain receives a message as soon as your mouth is even slightly moved, such as when you grin. After that, you should inhale slowly and deeply, and grin again.


Then, by saying an affirmation such as as "today is going to be a Beautiful Day." Say your mantra and count to 3 to 5. Take a few slow, deep breaths, stretch, drink some water. Just those few minutes at the start of your day allow you to start from a more focused and clear perspective and you'll discover that by intentionally beginning each day, you'll benefit not only yourself but also everyone else, your business, your partnerships, and your relationships in general.


Auditory & Sensory Techniques:

If you're an auditory person, keeping some of these nearby and using earplugs can be helpful. They decrease the types of unclean frequencies that come in. By doing this, you can lessen any less than desirable stimuli that is flowing in. Or listen to your favorite music playlist. Listening to energizing or calming music helps to increase your vitality.


The next simple solution is to employ wonderful smells to bring more peace and joy into your life. Essential oils are a great option since they are pleasant and associated with various sensory experiences. You could use citrus to energize yourself, or lavender to calm & comfort yourself.


Motivational approach:

Pinpoint your own motivational approach that you actually prefer and use it when you need it. Apply a strategy geared towards your own driving factors, rather than that has proven successful for someone else, because that often backfires. By understanding your own motivational approach and being really honest with yourself are therefore ways to avoid that.


If you identify as a procrastinator, ask yourself what is the huge audacious goal you can set for yourself in that area of your life, whether it be financial, if you want to inspire yourself in that area? For example, let's imagine you desire to improve your financial situation or advance your company's sales and earnings. Okay, I'll take the $1 million quarter. Your internal mantra is "that." A quarter million dollars. A quarter million dollars. I understood it. So perhaps that's how you motivate people. The fourth one is when you're more focused on relationships and your personal life.



A key life skill that can improve our ability to interact with others and lead stress-free lives is effective communication. We can apply the straightforward tactic of challenging our own views and presumptions before making snap judgments to enhance the caliber of our encounters. This enables us to listen more intently to others during conversations and remain open-minded. We can work to be a part of a caring community by having constructive conversations with individuals around us and, when appropriate, giving them advice, praise, or understanding.


We lessen the tension and worry that may otherwise result from a lack of meaningful interaction by taking the time and making the effort to create connections with others each day. You are aware that using these communication techniques would not only improve your life but also keep you out of problems.