Gary Szenderski - Story Time & Lessons with Gary Szenderski
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Story Time & Lessons with Gary Szenderski

Along with others, Damien Zamora and Gary Szenderski discussed values, branding, and the idea of achieving everyone's objectives. They talked about how values define existence, how it improved the brand's reputation, and how each person can achieve their goals in a variety of ways. Gary also spoke on "Book of Szen: Stories & Inspiration for a Changing World" which can be used as examples in a world that is changing.

Finally, the adage Gary frequently cited is accurate: "The bigger danger for most people is not that aim is too high and people miss it, but that it is too low and people strike it." The discussion about principles, brands, and objectives by the presenters was motivational and thought-provoking.


Core Values

Damien Zamora spoke during the event on the core values, how they influence everyone's existence, and how they improved the brand's image across all touch points. Gary Szenderski also spoke about the need for motivational stories that can help people achieve their goals in a changing world in The Book of Szen. The discussion was thought-provoking and served as the beginning of something significant! Finally, remember Gary Szenerski's good advice and a person should never settle for less than the person can achieve.


Setting Goals

The knowledge that attendees received aided them in realizing their objectives and the worth of values in all areas of life. Damien Zamora also offered the information and helpful suggestions someone needs to achieve. It may be the start of something great. Following Gary's advice, aspire higher and farther when anyone joins them to hear from the professionals to accomplish anything.


How Values Shape Existence

It's time to come together to discuss values and how they shape existence, the way it elevates brand images, and all the other aspects of making an individual goal a reality. By joining them anyone can explore The Book of Szen. These stories provide an inspiration for a changing world and can also make it possible to reach goals no matter what they may be. With the guidance of Damien Zamora and Gary Szenderski, anyone can become the master of their own destiny.


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